Natural skincare products that don’t disappoint in performance and are a true please to use.


Carefully chosen with client health in mind


A glowing healthy skin stands out in the crowd. Practising great skincare rituals and eating nutritious foods show amazing results with skin. I have carefully selected products for SkinBliss that I consider safe for our health and the health of our environment. A certain percentage of anything that we apply to our skin makes it to our blood supply which then in turn makes it to our organs. This is why I encourage people to think about what they are using when it comes to skincare products.

I am proud to offer a range of beautifully natural skincare products that don’t disappoint in performance and are a true pleasure to use.


Janesce is a game changer when it comes to skin. I love seeing the change in my clients skin once they discover this product. Janesce is developed by a naturopath not a cosmetic chemist. It is free from synthetic additives such as emulsifiers, stabilisers, colours or perfumes. The varieties of plants used in the Janesce are chosen because of their powerfully therapeutic effect. Part of the Janesce philosophy is that your skincare products should feed, nourish and support your skin. This is why they have created the formulations with purity in mind – from the seed to the skin. The skin loving flowers and herbs in the Janesce range are grown organically.

Fiji Spice Queen

What can I say about Fiji Spice Queen? I think the company says it best “Where your world meets paradise”. Fall in love with the Fiji Spice Queen’s all Fijian made hydrating Body & Hair Oils, Body Lotions, fair trade raw Sugar Scrubs and coconut based Soaps. Using organic Coconut oil, regenerating wildcrafted Dilo oil, Noni juice, Moringa, Avocado and Macadamia nut oils, these carefully selected natural ingredients are pure, uplifting and redemptive. Certified cruelty free, vegan and eco wise, the Fiji Spice Queen draws her inspiration from the bounty of Fiji and her natural healing wonders.


I think of Bestow as your moisturizer and nutritional skin builder from within. Bestow is a philosophy of skincare, made up of exquisite rituals and functional foods lovingly created to support your inner health and outer beauty.

Bestow is about unlocking nature’s gifts and sharing them with women who are ready to know. We draw from past wisdom and from nature itself to nourish skin, enrich beauty and endow confidence. We bestow. Janine Tait, Bestow founder.