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A common phrase is “Beauty is only skin deep”, but I believe beauty starts a little deeper than that. And a glowing healthy skin definitely stands out in a crowd. Effective skincare rituals with prescribed product, skin loving foods, sleep and exercise give amazing results with skin. We need to concentrate on causes not symptoms if we wish to focus on anti-ageing stratigies.

I am proud to offer a range of beautifully natural skincare products that don’t disappoint in performance and are a true pleasure to use.

Skin Bliss

Comprehensive skin consultations, Skin fit programs, Skin Fit Facials, Tailored Facials.


Great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment. Regular hydration and skin toning treatments are the key to aging well and keeping our skin looking youthful. A great deal can be achieved in toning the neck and facial muscles through holistic facial treatments. I think it is important to tailor facial treatments to a clients needs.

IPL Treatments

Skin Rejuvenation, Vascular, Pigmentation, Permanent Hair Reduction (all hair colours).


IPL treatments are a fantastic way of achieving an even skin tone by reducing skin irregularities and unwanted hair. I use them in combination with the holistic facial treatments to optimise results.

ClinicalPro Skinclear Machine

Skin tag, Fibroma, Cholesterol deposit and Milia removal.


The ClinicalPro skin clear machine works non-invasively using combined radio and high frequency technologies being released via various probe sizes. The energy is attracted to fluids such as sebum,blood & water which denatures the protein of the superficial skin layers and cauterizes the feeder vessels to various lesions. The lesions then are removed instantly depending on their size. NB: In some cases more than one treatment is required.

Bliss Brow Perfection

Brow shaping, tinting and natural looking brow restoration.


The brows frame the eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul. It is amazing what a difference brows make to our eyes and face. Brow shapes are not a trend. They need to be shaped to your facial measurements and bone structure.

Bliss Essentials

Eye treatments, Sugaring, Dermaplaning, Body & Foot treatments.


Lash tinting is a great way to make the eye colour pop and means that not every day needs to be a make up day.

Sugaring is like waxing but better. It is more gentle on the skin and less painful than traditional waxing. The skin recovers much more quickly after a hair removal treatment.

Dermaplaning is the removal of fine vellus hair (fluff) from the face and neck. The skin looks and feels smooth after the treatment and make up looks fantastic when all the fluff has gone.

Body and foot treatments with the Fiji Spice Queen products are a true pleasure. The fragrances are amazing and the back and feet look and feel amazing.